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  • To die will be an awfully big adventure.

    Added Date - Nov 30, 2016

    To die will be an awfully big adventure quotes

    To die will be an awfully big adventure. Death is the last unknown, a realm that we know almost nothing about. Some believe that we move on to something better while others may not be so sure. In order to be comfortable about death and the afterlife you must have faith. How boring it would be to believe that when you die you just cease to exist, and science has shown that energy can not die or stop existing it simply changes form. It is impossible to know what happens after death until your time has come, and then you are like one of the great explorers in centuries past. You are venturing into the great unknown, not knowing what lies ahead but determined to forge forward in spite of this. Who knows what you will discover? Faith is the leap that can make the thought of death bearable, and what gives us hope that the future after we die holds something better instead of just a dark nothingness where we no longer think, feel, or even exist.

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