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  • The saddest thing about love, is that not only the love cannot last forever, but even the heartbreak is soon forgotten.

    Added Date - Sep 30, 2015

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    In the beginning love is all consuming, a passion that takes over every area of your life. Love does not last forever though, all relationships come to an end for one reason or another. When love ends you feel sad while also remembering the joy and happiness that you felt when your love is in bloom. Love ending is sad, but what is even sadder is that you know eventually the heartbreak will mend and you will move on, leaving both the past love and the pain from the breakup behind you. As humans we typically adapt to changing situations, and when a new love is found this can make the past relationship seem like a distant memory. We move forward, hopefully into a brighter future, but that also means letting go of the past.

    Everything in this world is temporary, nothing lasts forever and this includes love and a broken heart. When you first experience love the powerful emotions that you have can seem overwhelming, but as time goes on this changes. In the beginning of a relationship with someone you love it may be impossible to consider a time when you will no longer be a couple. The pain that you experience when the love ends is also temporary, and the best way to get over a past love is to find a new love. When a new romantic interest enters he picture it can help push heartbreak away, giving you a reason to smile

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