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  • Stars can't shine without darkness.

    Added Date - Sep 25, 2016

    Stars Quotes

    When you are going through difficult moments in your life you can easily focus on all of the negative things going on with your life. This is why you need t remember that stars can't shine without darkness. Whenever you are in a bad situation, everything that Is going wrong really hits you harder than everything else. If you decide to sit and wallow about sad situations, then you will only prolong situations. Instead of looking at all of the negative things happening you should look at the other events in your life. Like the quote says, the stars would not shine as brightly if there was not a little bit of darkness. Think about it, you always see stars the best when you are in complete darkness, because that is when they can really show off all of their illumination.

    Shining in the darkness is the same thing that you can do when you are in the middle of every trial and tribulation in your life. When you are in your darkest days that is when you really get to show what you are made of. This is why you should look at everything in your life like an opportunity to show your greatness. You never know what you can really handle until it has been placed before you, and if you are pessimistic you will not know what you are really capable of. You should enter each situation with your eyes wide open, but you should always be optimistic at the end of it. When you enter a situation like that then you will shine the brightest. Always treasure each learning experience, even if it seems like it's something terrible from the beginning.

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