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  • Oh, please don't go. We'll eat you up. We love you so!

    Added Date - Dec 07, 2017

    Oh, please don't go. We'll eat you up. We love you so!

    When you love someone, you want to spend every moment with them. Actually, a lot of brand new relationships snuff themselves out because they spend every waking minute with each other. When thinking about having someone in your life that you can't live without this quote makes sense. Oh, please don't go. We'll eat you up. We love you so! Meaning that this person is madly in love with you. This is that sappy couple that you see at a restaurant that is sitting on the same side of their booth. They're holding hands, giggling like school children, and they're crazy in love. Yes, this can be healthy, but often it's a sign of codependency. Two people can't be alone so they must be with each other. There are some hopeless romantics, but in most healthy relationships people want their space. This quote reminds me that it is ok to love someone, and it's also ok to have your own identity in a relationship. I imagine that this is a new relationship, where someone is leaving to go home, and their partner is reluctantly letting them go. You need air for a fire to grow, and relationships are no exception.

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