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  • Nothing can stop god's plan for your life.

    Added Date - Jul 20, 2016

    Nothing can stop god's plan for your life.

    Nothing can stop god's plan for your life no matter how much you may resist this plan. From the moment you are conceived there is a plan and a grand design for your life that has been created by god, and this blueprint will be followed whether you accept this fact or not. Many people struggle against the plan that god has for them because they think they know better than the almighty, but this arrogance just holds them back and prevents them from finding real happiness. When you least expect it god's plan will make itself known and there is not anything you can do to stop this. The plan that god has in mind has your best interests at heart even if you do not realize this right now.

    When you submit to the lord and the design that he has in mind your life will be enriched beyond measure. All of the important decisions can be left in god's hands and this can give you a big sense of relief. Allowing god to take the wheel so that you follow his plan does not mean just sitting back and expecting everything to happen automatically though, because god helps those who help themselves and you must put in the effort required to bring god's plan to fruition. God is like a benevolent father, he wants what is best for you and his plan is not negotiable. If you resist you will just make things harder on yourself and in the end your resistance will not change the outcome.

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