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  • Let them say what they want, You just keep doing you.

    Added Date - Mar 01, 2014

    Let them say what they want, You just keep doing you.

    Let them say what they want, You just keep doing you meaning. People today can be extremely judgmental, making snide comments and hurtful remarks about people that they barely know, and even those that they may see on a street who are complete strangers. People judge you before they even know what your problems are or the type of person that you can be. If the people who judge you would walk a mile in your shoes then they may not be so quick to judge you so harshly, because they would understand what you have been through in your life. You can not control what others feel or say, you can just keep on doing you the best way that you know how. Ignore the haters and the people who seem to need to bring others down so that they can feel superior. As long as you are being the best you possible then what others say does not matter, and you should ignore any comments or remarks and keep living your life according to your goals and principles.

    When you stay true to yourself instead of listening to others you will find more success and happiness in your life. Pretending to be something that you are not in order to please others or gain their approval will only make you unhappy, and listening to others instead of your inner voice can be a big mistake. Be who you truly are, and recognize that those who talk bad are doing so from jealousy or insecurity. Be yourself regardless of what anyone else says and you will never regret it.

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  • What would I do without you.

    Added Date - Feb 21, 2018

    What would I do without you.

    What would I do without you.

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  • Create the things you wish existed.

    Added Date - Feb 18, 2018

    Create the things you wish existed.

    How do people change the world? They look for things that don't exist and then they make it happen. The reason we have so many things available to us ...

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