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  • It doesn't matter if a million people tell you what you can't do, or if ten million tell you no. If you get one yes from God that's all you need.

    Added Date - Oct 28, 2015

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    In your life you will come across many naysayers, those who tell you that your dreams or goals are not possible and you will never be able to achieve what you hope to accomplish. You could listen to these people or you can succeed even when your goals may seem impossible. Ten million people can all tell you that you are on a fool's errand and that you will never be a success in a certain area, but every one of these ten million people could be wrong. Regardless of how many people tell you something is impossible all it takes to succeed is a single yes from god. When this happens it does not matter if the entire world is against you because you have god on your side.

    Many people have accomplished feats that were believed to be impossible. The Wright brothers were considered fools because they thought their machine could fly, but everyone changed their tune after the brothers performed their initial flight. In 1969 a man walking on the moon was thought to be impossible, and no one believed it could happen until Neil Armstrong took those historic first steps on the moon's surface. In both cases everyone said it could not be done, but god said yes and the rest is history. In order to achieve an impossible dream you do not need to have a majority of people on your side, all you need is god and perseverance. The rest will take care of itself. Never let the opinions of others stop you from doing what you believe is possible.

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