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  • If you're not happy about how you look, you have to question how much self-love you have.

    Added Date - Feb 23, 2015

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    One of the secrets to happiness is being comfortable in your own skin and with who you really are. If you are not happy with how you look then you have to question just how much self love you really have, and you may not be as happy as you can be. Each individual is different, and we all have certain flaws as well as talents and skills. Before you can expect others to love you it is necessary to love yourself, flaws and all. If you can not do this then how can you expect others to love you or value your friendship. Instead of being unhappy with a specific feature or how you look overall embrace your flaws and make them your own. After all these are what make you so unique and special, setting you apart from everyone else in the world.

    When you love yourself you know what your flaws are, but you do not obsess on these. Your looks are part of what makes you an original and you accept your physical imperfections and embrace these instead of constantly worrying about them. If you do not love yourself without question then this will lead to problems in your life and your relationships. You may suffer from lower self esteem, negative thoughts may be a constant refrain in your head, and you will not live up to your full potential. If you have certain features that are different or unusual make them an asset instead of a flaw, like the mole that Cindy Crawford has. This mole turned her from average to supermodel by setting her apart, pretty good for what she may consider an imperfection.

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  • Stop looking at your stomach when you get out of the shower and complaining about your body, when you are eating everything in sight and never going to the gym. You are the reason you look the way you look. You are the reason you’re unemployed. You are the reason why your surroundings are so dis-functional and negative.

    Added Date - Feb 15, 2015

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    You are responsible for what you become and what your life is like, no one else. You can choose to make changes and be positive or you can wallow in n...

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