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  • Doubt kills more dreams then failure ever will.

    Added Date - Oct 02, 2014

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    Doubt is something that can kill dreams far more effectively than failure. When you doubt you start to believe that your dreams are impossible to achieve, and this state of mind is both negative and damaging. When you fail this may motivate you to try harder so that you succeed the next time you attempt to reach your dreams. If you doubt yourself and your abilities then the battle is already lost and your dreams will always be out of reach. Doubt can be like an invasive parasite, slowly eating away at your confidence and eroding your determination. Instead of doubting yourself look at all the impossible tasks that men and women have achieved over the years and use this as motivation to push yourself even further in order to achieve your dreams and reach your goals.

    When you feel doubt then you allow yourself to become sidetracked from your objectives. This can cause you to turn down the wrong path, or even to give up entirely. Failure can make you stronger because each time you try and fail you may get further towards your goals, and eventually you will usually succeed at reaching the prize you are working towards. Doubt can be insidious, starting out as a small whisper in the back of your mind and growing larger over time. Eventually you may doubt your ability to succeed and this can cause you to give up and stop trying to fulfill your dreams. At least when you fail you usually learn valuable lessons in the process. When you doubt you learn nothing and lose everything.

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