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  • Courage is grace under pressure.

    Added Date - Apr 06, 2017

    Courage is grace under pressure.

    The difficult things that you live through in this life are the events that shape your character the most. Courage is grace under pressure, and can be something that changes your life. When you must deal with positive and negative situations you must have courage to make it through. Sometimes, a situation that becomes one of your best memories might start out as something negative. In these experiences, you must have grace and patience, which can be labeled as courage. Grace is the ability to handle any situation appropriately, no matter how you feel about it on the inside. It gives you a positive face to present forward through any situation.

    They say that you develop into the person that you're meant to be through the pressures of your life. Just like coal turns into a diamond, it takes pressure for you to reach your full potential. Even if you feel like you can't make it through something, all you need is a little bit of grace in the situation and you will find your way. Remember to take a breath when you are faced with a difficult challenge, and to think about your response before you take any action.

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