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  • A true lady doesn't demand she thanks, and true man doesn't promise he commits.

    Added Date - Feb 29, 2016

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    A true lady is never demanding or selfish, and she is thankful for what she receives regardless of the value of the gift. Many women aspire to be seen as ladies but they fail because they are always demanding what they want and they place the focus on their own needs and desires. This is a sign of immaturity and a true lady is never immature. Instead she is willing to work hard for what she needs and she is thankful when someone gives her something. Someone who demands what they want and does not appreciate the gestures and offerings of others for what these things represent will not be viewed as a true lady but will be seen as a spoiled brat. Be thankful and never act in a demanding way if you aspire to be a true lady.

    A true man is someone who makes a commitment and then who follows through and keeps this commitment. Promises are often made and then broken by males who call themselves men and words ring hollow without the necessary actions and commitment to back them up. A true man does not make empty promises that he knows will be broken, he makes a commitment to someone or something and then he stands behind it 100 percent. A real man does not run away and break promises when things get tough but sticks it out and honors the commitment that he made no matter how difficult this may be. True men are honest and they understand the importance of their actions as well as their words.

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