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  • Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

    Added Date - Jan 23, 2017

    Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. When you are small minded you can not focus on great things because you are too concerned with finding flaws and discussing others. If you want to have a great mind then you need to constantly put yourself out of your comfort zone, and be willing to listen to views, ideas, and opinions even if they are not the same as the ones that you hold. The greatest minds of all time did not spend their precious time discussing the neighbor down the street or passing along all the dirt and gossip that was circulating. These men and women were engaged in discussions about new and innovative ideas, often ideas that would further man and make the world a better place. They did not have time to worry about who was feuding, who was messing around, and who had poor hygiene or bad habits. Make the most of the mind that you were given and strive to be a....

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  • Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get.

    Added Date - Jan 19, 2017

    Life is a boomerang. What you give, you get. If you are always throwing out negativity then you should not be surprised when this is what you get in return. On the other hand if you are always positive then this is what you will receive as well. Be kind and compassionate to others because you never know when you may need kindness or compassion as well. Don't judge or you could find others judging you. Some people spend their whole lives miserable and complaining, and they wonder why their life is so negative but they refuse to make an effort to change things or alter their outlook and attitude. If you want to get positive people and emotions in your life then you have to be positive in your dealings with others. If you are not willing to do this then you can not expect others to treat you this way in return. Always remember that fate can be fickle, and you should expect to receive what you give so make sure you give ....

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  • Don't you worry your pretty little mind. People always throw rocks at things that shine.

    Added Date - Jan 17, 2017

    Don't you worry your pretty little mind. People always throw rocks at things that shine. If someone is throwing rocks or slinging insults then this means they are envious, and that you have accomplished something so that they noticed you. When you stand out from the rest of the crowd others may want to bring you down because many people do not like to admit that their life is empty of accomplishments. They become jealous of what you have achieved and they want to tear you down so that you feel as empty as they do on the inside. Don't pay attention to these negative nellies, instead stand proud and refuse to listen when people are cruel and insulting. They may get a fleeting satisfaction from being mean but you will have the lasting satisfaction of knowing that you did something special and accomplished something exceptional. If no one noticed you and you always blended into the background you would not be living up t....

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