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  • There are two types of people who can't look at you in the eyes: Someone trying to hide a lie, and someone trying to hide a love.

    Added Date - Jan 28, 2015

    If someone can not look you in the eye there are usually two possible reasons, they are trying to hide a lie that they are telling or they are trying to hide a love that they are feeling. It is important to determine which of these is the truth, because one is devastating while the other can be empowering. When someone is talking to you and they will not meet your gaze then this indicates they are hiding something that they do not want their eyes to reveal. If a lie is being hidden then you need to know so that you can protect yourself and get to the truth of the matter. If a love is being hidden then this knowledge is also important because it could signal the start of a new relationship. There are two types of people who can't look at you in the eyes: Someone trying to hide a lie, and someone trying to hide a love. Someone who loves you and is hiding it is probably worried that you do not return these feelings,....

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  • Evil Comes From The Abuse of Free Will.

    Added Date - Jan 22, 2015

    Evil is not something that god allows or encourages, it comes about as a result of man's free will. We are all responsible for our actions, and we have the free will to choose whether to make the world a better place or to satisfy our own selfish desires and perversions. Adolf Hitler was not born evil, instead he choose to commit horrific acts of violence and cruelty against those who did not share his race or his beliefs. When you abuse the free will that you have been given to harm others or to commit acts of hatred or violence instead of choosing the right path then you have the power to destroy lives instead of enriching them, but this power comes at a great price and you will have to answer for these actions in the future. Having a choice between good and evil is something that man has and animals do not, and that sets us above other species. When you choose the wrong paths and wrong decisions in life this a....

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  • Good manners will open doors that even the best pick-up lines can't.

    Added Date - Jan 21, 2015

    Good manners will open many doors in life, even those that stay closed after the best pick up lines. Manners are often missing in the modern world, where being rushed and short on time is an epidemic. Manners show respect and good breeding though, and will open up many opportunities that would remain closed otherwise. When you are polite, respectful, and use good manners few people will be able to resist you, and few doors will stay closed. Pick up lines, even the best of them, are insincere and often cheesy or smarmy as well. This does not make a favorable first impression and could actually turn away the person that you are trying to attract. Great manners will always make an excellent first impression whether you are meeting a neighbor or the Queen of England. Anyone who has good manners will be seen as someone who is mature, polite, respectful, and responsible. All of these are traits to be admired and emulat....

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