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  • We Travel Not to Escape Life But For Life Not to Escape Us.

    Added Date - Apr 28, 2016

    Many people mistakenly assume that travel is a means of escape. The truth is that we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. You could spend every single minute on this earth in the same spot but then you would miss out on some of the richest moments and exciting adventures that life can offer. Travel provides the opportunity to see new places, experience new things, and meet new people. What is the point of having a long life if you fail to live it to the fullest? When you travel you get a chance to seize life at the very finest and it helps you grow and be a better person. Anyone who has ever started out on a trip knows that it feels like an adventure and that is because there is always an element of the unknown, and this brings excitement as well as a little fear and apprehension. Travel is never an escape, instead it is the start of a journey into the future, and it holds almost unlimited opp....

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  • The Past is a Place of Reference, Not a Place.

    Added Date - Apr 19, 2016

    The past is a place of reference, not a place. Too many people make the mistake of living in the past and this causes them to miss out on the wonderful things that the world has to offer today. The past is made up of memories and experiences, and it is a valuable part of your life, but once something has slipped into the past it is not possible to go back. If you are always thinking of the past then you are not allowing yourself to the see the potential and opportunities that the current and the future hold for you. Don't let your past hold you back and keep you from becoming the person that you were meant to be. Bad experiences from your past can haunt you if you let them, and you have to learn how to let go and move on in order to reach your full potential as a person, a friend, and a family member. Sometimes the past can seem better than the present, and you may feel tempted to remember days past in a fond man....

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  • We Rise By Lifting Others.

    Added Date - Apr 16, 2016

    We rise by lifting others, and we fall when we push others down or we hold them back and keep them from reaching their full potential. When you help others and give them a lift up this makes you a better person, and it enriches the lives of those that you touch. In this world it is easy to worry so much about yourself and your own plight that you overlook the many people who have things worse off than you do because you walk around with blinders on. Stopping to take a good look at the world around you and the people in it who have been downtrodden and who go without will remind you of everything that you are lucky to have, and show you that there are less fortunate individuals who need to be lifted up and given help. The human race is not intended to be isolated, and when you lift someone up you also receive many benefits from this act of kindness. The positive emotions that you get when you help someone will boo....

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